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    Gartner identifies four trends driving near-term AI innovation

    Immersive Technology

    10 innovative AR and VR companies to watch

    26 August 2021 / Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) companies have been disrupting multiple sectors of business [...]


    How to ensure success from hyperautomation projects

    19 August 2021 / The emerging technology that is hyperautomation brings artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA) and [...]

    Latest news


    10 questions to ask during a tech job interview

    7 September 2021 / The key to a successful job interview is not just how you answer questions, but [...]

    Data Protection & Privacy

    How tech is a vital weapon against cyber information warfare

    7 September 2021 / Technology’s potential to be a positive force is limitless. We’ve already seen how it’s able [...]

    People Moves

    Advanced appoints Narinder Sahota as chief technology officer

    7 September 2021 / New CTO Sahota will be responsible for managing the growing R&D facility at Advanced, along [...]


    How open source can lend itself towards database security

    6 September 2021 / 2020’s sudden shift to remote work presented organisations with a major challenge: to protect a [...]

    People Moves

    Railsbank appoints Stuart Gregory as chief product officer

    6 September 2021 / New chief product officer Gregory will lead product, engineering and partnerships at Railsbank, as the [...]

    Business & Strategy

    Utilising digital skills to tackle climate change

    6 September 2021 / The UK has placed a renewed focus on reaching net-zero emissions, with a recent Government [...]


    WIT Summit Europe Q&A: digital transformation in the payments space

    6 September 2021 / During the upcoming Women in IT Europe summit, taking place on the 14th September 2021 [...]

    Media & Marketing

    Could graph technology neatly fill the cookie gap for marketers?

    3 September 2021 / For many years, online advertisers have been using cookies to track website visitors, improve the [...]


    Getting ahead in telecommunications with an edge computing strategy

    3 September 2021 / As the volume and speed of data continues to increase, organisations are starting to see [...]

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    Information Age

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